Thank you for your interest in the Masters of Science in Business Analytics and Project Management Program (MSBAPM) at the University of Connecticut.

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Application Submission Materials


The MS in Business Analytics and Project Management program admits students in Fall, Spring and Summer. International applicants are strongly encouraged to follow the Preferred Deadline for Applicants Requiring Student Visas.  We strive to make the admission decisions expeditiously following deadlines. Deadline dates are posted on the Gradate Business Programs website.

Official Transcripts

We wish to stress the importance of following all instructions, since unofficial or incomplete transcripts and the failure to submit all required credentials have been a major cause of delay in processing applications. Please be aware that it takes some institutions a long time to issue transcripts. A reasonable margin would be to allow at least one month.

Please make sure that all official transcripts from all higher education institutions attended are sent to the School of Business. Official transcripts are issued by the college or university attended, and bear the impressed or colored seal of that institution. Unofficial transcripts are not acceptable.

More information on transcripts are available on the Graduate Business Programs website.

International Students


The university only admits students who require student visas in the fall and spring semesters. In addition, the university recommends at least three months for the visa application process from the time of formal admission. If you are already in the United States, please submit a copy of your current I-20 or IAP-66.


Official transcripts must be issued in their original language and accompanied by an English translation. There should also be a clear explanation in English of the institution’s program requirements and grading system. For students in countries where the transcript does not indicate the degree received, an official degree diploma attested by a university official must also be submitted in the original language and accompanied by an English translation.

If you attended an international university and have one set of original documents or diploma, we can make a copy and return the original document(s) to you. Please include a cover sheet to return the documents and provide a mailing address.  The cover sheet is also available within the application under Downloadable Forms section.

Anticipated Expenses

Financial declaration and supporting material should be completed upon your acceptance into the program. Cost details.

Upon Acceptance

Upon Acceptance you will be contacted by the International Students Services office (ISS).

More information on considerations for international students are available on the Graduate Business Programs website.