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The MSBAPM program offers industry-driven concentrations. Students can elect one of these concentrations or choose to study electives from various knowledge areas.

Business Data Science

Data-driven businesses are dominating today — learn how to explore, visualize, model, and derive custom insights from data using state-of-the-art methods & software.

Choose three (3) from the following recommended courses:
OPIM 5501 – Visual Analytics
OPIM 5502 – Big Data Analytics with Hadoop
OPIM 5504 – Adaptive Business Intelligence
OPIM 5509 – Introduction to Deep Learning
OPIM 5511 – Survival Analysis using SAS
OPIM 5512 – Data Science using Python

Marketing Analytics

Marketing is more than creativity gain insights on how businesses build awareness, engage consumers, and stand out among fierce competition in a digital world.

Required Course: MKTG 5115 – Marketing Management
Choose two (2) from the following recommended courses:
MKTG 5220 – Big Data and Strategic Marketing
MKTG 5250 – Marketing Research and Intelligence
MKTG 5251 – Marketing and Digital Analytics
MKTG 5665 – Digital Marketing
OPIM 5510 – Web Analytics

Supply Chain Analytics

Supply chains impact daily life (think toilet paper and semi-conductor chips) - understand how systematically using data to drive strategic and effective sourcing decisions and optimize distribution and logistics.

Choose three (3) from the following recommended courses:
OPIM 5110 – Operations Management
OPIM 5111 – Supply Chain Analytics
OPIM 5112 – Strategic Sourcing
OPIM 5113 – Distribution and Logistics

Actuarial Science

Risk is everywhere know how to model the risk across populations and time horizons to bring financial stability to the unknown.

Choose three (3) from the following recommended courses:

MATH 5630 – Long-term Actuarial Mathematics 1
MATH 5631 – Long-term Actuarial Mathematics 2
MATH 5637 – Statistics for Actuarial Modeling
MATH 5639 – Short-term Actuarial Models

Talent Analytics

An organization is only as strong as its people develop expertise in combining data analytics with purposeful storytelling to harness the power of workforce intelligence.

Required Courses:

MENT 5680 – Talent Management Through the Employee Lifecycle
MENT 5377 – Human Resource Metrics and Talent Analytics

Choose one (1) from the following recommended courses:
MENT 5650 – Interpersonal Relations, Influence, and Ethical Leadership
MENT 5674 – Negotiation Strategies
MENT 5675 – Business Acumen and Strategic Human Resource Management

Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare data has the power to change the patient experience from improved patient outcomes to better efficiencies in health care operations, build the skills to make an impact.

Choose three (3) from the following recommended courses:
HCMI 5240 – Health Care Organization and Management
HCMI 5243 – Health Care Economics
HCMI 5686 – Health Insurance and Risk Management
OPIM 5508 – Healthcare Analytics and Research Methods

Concentration-required courses generally count as electives to fulfill MSBAPM degree requirements.

Choose Your MSBAPM Concentration