We would like to congratulation our Alteryx Winning team, LIFT – They received $1000 and opportunities for interviews among other prizes.

Congratulations Suresh, Prasanth, Bala, and Sakthi on an outstanding project!

A huge thank you to Alteryx for sponsoring the event, for the prizes. Thank you to all the judges from Alteryx and guest judges from Deloitte.

Here is a brief synopsis of their project:

Medication adherence – Are patients taking their pills?

Medication adherence is a growing public health issue in the US. According to recent research, lack of adherence has been cited to be the reason for more than 30% of treatment failures. Even in chronic diseases like heart diseases & diabetes, adherence to medication is found to be lower than 50%.

Our team’s focus was to predict medication adherence among patients with heart ailments. We looked at Medicare Part D data & supplemented information about drugs and diseases from US Library of Medicine. We added socio-economic factors from Census to our set of predictors.

Alteryx software helped us integrate datasets from different sources with perplexing coding standards with relative ease. We used Alteryx built-in prediction tools to iterate quickly between various models.

We believe our prediction model can be used to intervene & preempt patients before they become long-term non-adherent. Our model should help improve the effectiveness of Medicare program.