Program Features


  • 37-credit hour program (typically twelve 3-credit hour courses)
  • in-depth course work in advanced business analytics and project management;
  • broad choices of elective courses to enhance complementary competencies;
  • experiential learning opportunities, along with various internships where students can apply their analytical and project management skills to real world business problems;
  • curriculum well-aligned with professional examinations leading to certification and accreditation by the SAS Institute and the Project Management Institute (PMI).


  • program delivered at the Graduate Business Learning Center in downtown Hartford
  • Stamford, Connecticut campus

Flexible Delivery

  • participate as a full or part-time student;
  • join the program at the start of any regular semester; domestic students have the option to join in the summer session;
  • course delivery combining face-to-face and elective course online sessions;


  • unique program with combined focus on the rapidly developing areas of business analytics and project management;
  • curriculum designed and delivered by outstanding UConn faculty, with helpful input from the leading analytics solutions provider SAS Institute and the Project Management Institute (PMI);
  • curriculum is well aligned with certification programs offered by SAS and PMI;
  • delivered by internationally ranked Department of Operations and Information Management (OPIM). Ranking sources include US News and World Report, Association of Information Systems, OR/MS Today, Communications of the Association of Computing Machinery;
  • state-of-the-art technology and facilities supporting innovative program delivery and pedagogy;
  • unparalleled opportunities to engage with our global corporate partners in high-value, strategic real world projects through SS&C Technologies Financial Accelerator and Innovation Accelerator;
  • access to large and emerging job markets in Connecticut and surrounding areas, and across the world.

Focus on Tangible Skills

  • deliver a high quality educational program incorporating concentrations in both business analytics and project management;
  • incorporate appropriate content for professional examinations leading to certification and accreditation by the SAS institute (a leading business analytics solution provider) and the Project Management Institute (PMI);
  • integrate experiential learning opportunities and practicing experts into classroom experience.

Educate and prepare students and business professionals in Business Analytics:

  • data development, storage, retrieval,  and utilization in business analytics and process engineering projects;
  • data preparation, predictive modeling, model assessment, and model implementation;
  • modeling and decision analysis, optimization, simulation, sensitivity analysis, time series analysis, and network modeling;
  • data mining, classification analysis, clustering and finite mixture models, association rule and event analysis, text mining, survival analysis;

Educate and prepare students and business professionals in Project Management:

  • designing, managing, and re-engineering business processes;
  • project management;  project time, scope, and quality management; project communications management; project cost and risk management, and project procurement management;
  • understanding leadership type, behavioral strengths and motivators, managing personal growth, influencing customers, managing conflict, managing team collaboration and productivity, and change management;
  • project integration, quality control, advanced risk management, and the “ilities” (availability, feasibility, flexibility, constructability, maintainability, operability, reliability, and traceability);