Spring 2016

Employment Overview:

No. of graduates placed 22
Highest Base Salary $105,000
Highest Signing Bonus $34,000
Average number of interviews 5.6
Average number of offers 1.4

From our available information, 22 graduates have been placed and 11 graduates are not seeking employment. We are waiting for responses from 21 of our students regarding employment information.

Compensation Overview:

Our May 2016 graduates were offered an average compensation package of $80,310 with the maximum salary as $105,000.

may-salary  may-bonus

may-avg-exp  may-avg-interview

Job Profiles:

Our students have been offered titles of Data Scientist, Manager, Data Analyst, Business Analyst and Consultant among others.

For more information, please contact msbapmclub@business.uconn.edu