Fall 2015

Employment Overview:

74.3% of students seeking employment have been placed. Of the 82 graduates, 12 are not looking for jobs and 5 students have returned to their home country. Four students are still looking and 9 have not reported their information yet

Student Category

Employment Overview

Number of Graduates 82
Number of Graduates Seeking Employment 70
Number of Graduates Placed 52
Highest Base Salary $120,000.00
Highest Signing Bonus $25,000.00
Internship to Full Time Employment 8
Average Number of Offers 1.84
Average Number of Companies  Interviewed With 6.55

Compensation Details:

Our students come from different backgrounds and years of work experience. Below is a brief overview of the compensation offered to our graduates.

dec-2015-salary dec-2015-sign-on

Avg Salary vs Years of Experience

MSBAPM students have been placed all over the world across different industries and verticals. Our students have been placed for various titles such as: Data Scientist, Senior Business Analyst, Analyst, Consultant and Manager

Job Profiles:


Job Titles

For more information, please contact msbapmclub@business.uconn.edu